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I think it's probably worth starting a topic on this, because to the layman in the street, the subject matter is impossible, and one would be inclined to think that if such material exists, surely we would all know about it, wouldn't we? Well, to assume that would be to assume that we can trust an establishment which has done very little to earn that trust. In fact, cover-up after cover-up has been shielded from the public at large. We go on believing what we are meant to believe... take your pick, organised religion or organised science. I say "organised" because in both instances they stick together to discount or rubbish any concept or idea which is contrary to their beliefs. If it doesn't fit in then it must be; fake, accidental or failing those two, it must be destroyed.

Is it possible that man and dinosaurs co-existed.? Not according to our version of "evolution", but let's face it, there are in fact no proofs of human evolution either. There are no missing links! Here I will present to you,   incontrovertible evidence from around the World, which is not fake and therefore can only prove that our ancestors saw dinosaurs with their own eyes, interacted with them, almost certainly hunted them and perhaps even domesticated certain types.


Ankylosarus from Acambro, Mexico

From the Nile Mosaic of Palestrina, a Greek mosaic showing Egyptians humting what they called a "crocodile-leopard"


Stegosaurus from Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Triceratops on an Ica stone, Peru

Ancient rock painting form near Lake Superior, Canada

Oviraptor from China

Plesiosaur from Queensland, Australia

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Nov 25 10 7:40 PM

Human and dinosaur tracks side-by-side

The most well documented and perhaps controversial case of this type is at Paluxy River, Texas USA:


and again...


Perhaps a great deal of the controversy concerning the Paluxy footprints arises from the fact that they appear only human-like, but not distinctly human.

Tuba City, Arizona

Other locations where dinosaur and human foorprints have been found near each other include Mexico and near the village of Khodga-Pil in Turkmenistan. If I can find decent images I'll post them up!

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Nov 25 10 7:57 PM

I didn't know pics existed in Canada of the Dinosaur! The term 'dinosaur' originates from the Greek words deino and sauros, meaning 'terrible' and 'lizard'.
Sir Richard Owen invented the name 'dinosaur' in 1842, to describe an extinct group of terrestrial reptiles that lived during the Mesozoic. Before that they were usually referred to as dragons, hence the numerous stories and myths that abound. The Chinese worship the dragon. They are mentioned in the Bible as Leviathan and Behemoth.

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Nov 26 10 3:23 PM

Here is a link to a pdf file which explains exactly what happened at Acambaro, Mexico with regard to the 33,000 dinosaur figurines found there, why they were thought to be fakes and how it was proved beyond doubt that they were genuine.

The Dinosaurs of Acambaro

Some more pictures of the Acambaro dinosaurs



I like this one:



Human with dinosaur:


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